The Hiding Sun
The Old Old Oak Tree
Windy Day
Home Garden
Light Pollution__Here is a house on the edge of a small sacluded island where it is polluting the sk
A Bookworm's Bedroom__Books line the entire border of this room, two childern immerse themselves wit
A Master's Piece.jpg__A visual expression of the impression a well composed song can place upon it's
Reader's Mansion
Voyage to the Castle
Fishing on the River
Musician's Cabin
A Rose
Room To Grow__Here is a painting inspired by two parables in the Bible; The Potter and the Clay and
Shack__A little shack next to a tall tree
Japanese Grill
Musical Madness__This is my largest picture, named for it’s size, randomness and whatever else that’
Pear Tree
the Family Bench__I may not be completely finished with this, but I am close
Apple Tree Buffet
…I don’t have a name for this yet. hmm.
It's Dinner__It might look like a painter painting at a table with a helper at his side
Bench Bye the Tree
A Kite In The Trees
Cloud City
Guitar Tree__Money doesn't grow on any of my trees, but apparently guitars do, and much like those t
Painter’s Block__An artist stands perplexed, not having a clew what to do with a canvas he just star
Following Lost Footsteps__Choose wisely who you want to be your influence
Tree of the Clearing
Truth And Lies __There are many Christians by name and association alone, and there are those of who
Springing flowers
Before Sunset- With The House
On the Road
Worlds Largest Self Portrait
The Vessel
Window Seen__There is nothing better than a good view from an office building
A Cloud of Witnesses__thinking of a passage. a passage out of the Bible.__I didn't mean this to be c
Hope__In the deepest darkest pit, there is a glimmer of light, don't be consumed by your hopeless si
Cappaccinocoffeetea Cup__This is a small cup of coffee, tea and whatever else
The Unlikely Duet__A man and a woman have the opportunity to perform a lovely duet together in front
A Dark Place __Hey there, Its a bit too bright for the rest of us
The Way I Sometimes Feel__Inspired by all my failed artwork over the years. I have done this before
The Teeth and the Apple__An apple runs for it's dear fleeting life from a set of sharp dentures that
My Worthless Burning World__“Vanity vanity, all is vanity..” A passage from Ecclesiastes written by
Flying Guitarist
Man In a Box__A man finds peace and quiet in a cubby hole, taking refuge from whatever distraction t
A Little House __I little painting of a house and a tree.jpg I will be replacing this photo when I g
Walking The Fox Through The Field __Taking a walk through the field.jpg _A request
I will call this a practice run, and I will name it _The gnome and the Wave_.jpg A smaller picture
Before Sunset__Matthew copy 2__Two setting bye a tree gazing at the sun.jpg.jpg moon.jpg
From Dusk to Dawn __Dusk and dawn are together with a tree and a girl swinging on it. The stars are
Confusion Room__the thinkers at the tables cannot think, the blinker at the breaker cannot tinker wo
Little House Behind the Hill__the blackness of night with the stars pealing through, the blazes of l
A Winter Night __A white dude walks through a line of white bare trees with his white dog gazing at
Your Comfort Zone and The Door of Opportunity__The way I sometimes feel
Pasadena Rose__A man and a woman on a romantic date at an artsy french or Italian or... cafe or yea.
Novel __Man sits quietly at the base of a droopy dead tree reading a book at night.jpg.jpg or evenin
The Guitarists Crowd__A guitarist stands on the stage with his guitar at his side, a colorful crowd
Im going to call it 'Lost in the Mouth of Lost'__A traveling guy finds himself stranded along the ra
The Pianist and His Piano__A pianist giving a concert
In Fields of Flowers- In the Stars__A girl and her dog standing gazing at the stars in middle of a f
In Field of Flowers- At the Tree__The girl and her pooch are taking in the seen as she sets on a swi
In the Louvre__A seen where two people are setting at a table contemplating on what to get for suppe
The Blissful Evening__A man is running through the woods in the evening before the sun goes down on
The Bassist__A bassist playing a dass in a concert for an audience
At the Olive Tree__A man sets a fire in the night, sitting down with a tree for his backrest
Birds of Paradise__A siluett of the native flower of Hawaii 'birds of paradise
In Fields of Flowers- Over the Hill__The girl is walking over a hill in the midst on a fielt of flow
Lost Face__He is lost, but not quite the kinda lost im imagining.jpg.jpg.jpg maybe
Out of The Imagination __A man being originally creative with music.jpg He seems to be a player by e
Goodnight Good Morning__Little girl letting the moon go as the sunrise says hello bringing on anothe
The Guitarists Crowd__A guitarist stands on the stage with his guitar at his side, a colorful crowd